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How It Works

My assumption here is that you will be working with your group through your group conscience meetings. This will take time, so please read all I've got here as it will make it easier to get where you want to be. Registration link is way down there at the bottom of this page.

Do you have a domain name?

Your home group must have a domain name in order to have a website. For our purposes here I am requiring that your domain ownership info be hidden from the public by domain privacy. If your group does not have a domain name, you can pick up a .org with privacy for ~$23 or a .com with privacy for ~$17 for a year from https://1912webworks.com

Fair Disclaimer: 1912webworks.com is my business name. If you buy a domain through my company I will make a little bit of money off that purchase. No matter where you buy your domain SOMEONE will make money ... it just so happens that with 1912webworks.com you get the lowest possible prices, and I make a couple of dollars off the transaction.

You don't have to buy a domain through me - of course - but you will need your own domain name, and the domain must have private registration. Domain Privacy reflects the spirit of anonymity. "Who owns this domain" should not point to a single person, and domain privacy fulfills that role.

Some info about domain names: no you do not have to use a .ORG! People still think that, but there ain't no rule and .COM domains are cheaper. Do NOT use a .US because that registry doesn't allow domain privacy. Sorry, but no privacy is unacceptable for this purpose. Your actual name part (before the dot) should be reflective of who you are, so perhaps your group's actual name is available? If not something like citynameaa.org? AA's guidelines aren't very helpful, although they do seem to indicate they don't have a problem with "aa" in our domain names. Avoid using trademarked terms in a domain name! "Fair Use" is a defense, which means someone has to sue you before you find out if your use is deemed 'fair' ...

If you don't have a domain name, you can probably just search at my business site to see if the domain.tld you want is available. If it is then you can use it here as if you own it, then your group can decide if they want to buy it. No cost or loss in trying eh?

Sign up with HomeGroupHosting

Registration here is completely free and carries no obligation going forward. You will get the full-featured product to check out and see if it works for your needs, and your group members will be able to see what you've put together so they can make an informed decision.

The registration process requires your first admin info, and you have the chance to get a head start on filling in all the details about your group. I highly recommend doing that because - just gonna be honest about it - it'll make you hate all the forms I got inside a little bit less when you first login. Seriously: there's a lot of forms waiting for you when you first login. Doing the "head start" stuff is (a) simple and (b) gives you a jump on some of the worst parts to get through. ESPECIALLY your meeting location full postal address - I pass that through google to get a bunch of data we need to make your site work best.

As a web admin, it is assumed you are also a group member. You will be able to invite 2 other people to serve as web admins, and they too will also be added as group members. When you invite someone as a member they are not also web admins. I hope that makes sense ... up to 3 people can be both admin and member, with admin being a service position you can rotate out of.

Actually building your site

If you can register then you can build and maintain your home group's website :) Seriously: it is just a few forms that have info you get to fill out. Each step of the way there is an explanation of what is expected in the different boxes. Most of the stuff will be super-obvious

  • You know your group's name?
  • You know which days you meet?
  • You know where the meetings are?
  • You know what time and how long?
  • You know what types of meetings you have (open, closed, big book, etcetera ...)?

THAT is enough information to create a fully functional website. No need to update all the time, although you will have that ability if things change.

There is almost always more info we could give the newcomer or visitor, and I've tried to roll that all into one nice website maker package.

  • Does your intergroup or area have a hotline phone number?
  • Do you have more than one location for meetings? (We can handle up to three although one must be there and will be 'primary'.)
  • Do we need to know where to park, or which door to go in? Each meeting location can have information like this associated with it.
  • Is there anything you need to say about your meeting that isn't covered by the usual list of "open / closed / discussion" meeting types?
  • Do you have a Group Conscience Meeting? Speaker Meeting? Birthday Meeting? All 3 of those are handled as "monthly meetings" and just fold into the schedule for you.

There is a wee bit more than that, but this is the idea: tell the forms what you know and let the software do the rest.

Finally, you can consider inviting group members to participate in your group's online presence. Of course it isn't required because truly there is only one requirement for membership right? So online just adds another way to work together as a group :)

  • The only thing required from a member is their sobriety date.
  • Each member can fill out a bit of information for their profile.
  • Each member can see the info that other members have added to their profile.
  • You can also download a vCard (contact list format) with group members info.
  • You will see which members have upcoming sobriety birthdays, and who hasn't been online in a while.
  • Web Admins will be able to upload and categorize files, and group members will be able to access and download those files.

Point your domain name to it.

Assuming your group finds this useful and desirable we'll work together to get your domain pointing to the hosting.

  • I activate a little flag that lets you agree to (very fancy) terms and conditions. Nothing tricky, nothing "fine print-ish" - just an iteration of reality before you spend your group's money.
  • You then select the term (number of months) you want to sign up for. 12 months minimum, then 13 through 18 if you need to align your domain and hosting, then 24 or 36 months in case you want to.
  • PayPal sends you your receipt and me a notification of payment. I will then add your domain as 'hosted' and send your web admins an email with nameservers and your IP address to point your domain.
  • This is when you point your domain to my server space using either nameservers or IP address ... your choice which way you do it.
  • A day or two later I mark you as 'paid' in the system using the date I actually update you (not the date you paid). That way you don't lose a few days of your year while getting the domain pointed.
  • A month or so later you should start seeing newcomers roll in who, if asked, will tell you they found your website online :)

If nameservers and IP addresses and updating DNS sounds like too much to do, don't worry: I'll be able to help you out with it in most cases. Especially if you bought your domain through 1912webworks.com since that is actually me :) I've been doing this web stuff for a heck of a long time now so no matter where you buy your domain I'll probably be able to get you through it ...

What else is there?

There are always "terms and stuff" in online things, and this site is no different. Well ... maybe a wee bit different :) Check out the Terms, Conditions, Policies & Stuff page, and please share that link with your group members.

Feature development is subject to a 'group conscience' type of process involving web admins from all paid hosting sites. Most of the time in reality that means I think of something cool we can do, then ask if there is any reason that it would go against either principles or traditions.

So that's pretty much it. It's a website maker for AA groups. It makes a simple site so newcomers and visitors can find you, and it gives a place online where your members can do simple stuff.