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Welcome Home!

This is an attention-grabber :)

Big text, no fancy formatting, just WORDS. Carrying the message is simple if you keep it simple. This software is flexible, but is designed for the newcomer and the traveler. We keep it simple to keep it effective...

Boxes Get Titles

Here you could say something about your group that isn't covered in the basic schedule stuff. Not sure what that would be, but again keep it simple. This sample page is way too long! When carrying the message "less is more" really does apply :)

You can do bold, or maybe you need to underline something, or you could do stuff in italics because that's what all the cool websites do. Not much, but enough to help convey a thought right?

I'm a footnote to a box of text.

About the Schedule page ...

Again all fake info. You may notice that it always shows the next meeting up on top. As you go down the page you see the meeting closest to "now" next and so on and so forth. The imaginary group has a few meetings through the week, then a "Group Conscience" and a "Birthday" meeting scheduled monthly. Those extra meetings won't fold into the regular weekly schedule, but they're listed because they're part of your home group.

Each meeting has random "type" bits selected just to show they exist. The legend is only at the bottom of the page, and only for the types of meetings you have. Oh and some meetings have a 'title' and a 'message' ... check it out and you'll see what I mean.
All the "meeting info" boxes are used just to explain some features of the software.

Membership Section

Your group members can also participate online if they want to. It is very simple: you invite them, they set up a password and a profile. Once in they can access other member's profiles for emails or phone numbers ... and download a contact file for their email client or smart phone.

Web Admins can upload files, and members can access those files. Things like Group Conscience meeting agendas and minutes, maybe proposals the group needs to consider? Whatever information makes sense to share with the group, you can upload it and members can then access it.

Not the fanciest in the world, but useful and reliable :)