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This ought to be good ... I mean, it really should right? It should not be bad. It should not be full of confusing "legal-sounding" jargon. It should not mislead or misrepresent. It should be 'good' :)

Privacy Policy

All data submitted via form on this website will be used for the purpose of making your website and only that purpose. Data submitted via form will not be mined or abstracted or collected or harvested or analyzed in any way. In other words, if I want to learn what the average number of meetings per group is I will not use this site to calculate that answer even though it would be super-easy to do.

  • Meta-tag Exception: Information about your group (not your group's members) is used to create various meta-tags, which allows better understanding of your group by search engines and potentially other outside entities. Search engines provide a helping hand in bringing your group's message to your target audience. This is normal everyday web page stuff. There is no personally identifiable information in any meta-tag.
  • Structured Data Exception: Information about your group (not your group's members) is abstracted to a format that allows better understanding of your group by search engines, and potentially other outside entities. Search engines provide a helping hand in bringing your group's message to your target audience. This structured data format helps serve that purpose. There is no personally identifiable information in this format! Check out schema.org to learn about this cool feature.
  • Another Structured Data Exception: Information about your group's meeting schedule (not your group's members) is abstracted to a format that allows others to 'read' and your schedule and incorporate your schedule into a calendar application. There is no personally identifiable information in this feed. Check out icalendar.org to learn about this cool feature. NOTE: if/when the good people at schema.org adopt a proposed 'Schedule' standard that format will also be generated.
  • Court Order Exception: In the event of a lawful court order, HomeGroupHosting will sing like a canary in springtime. That's right: If men in suits with thin red ties and dark glasses come knockin' on my door then I will cooperate as fully and completely as I am capable of. I will invite them in and put on a pot of coffee and open up any and all files and databases they desire (within the constraints of the court order).

That's a heck of a lot of 'exceptions' right? What I'm trying to say is there are some abstractions of data that are needed to create your website. Those, and only those, are the exceptions. If someone wants to know the average day and time of AA meetings that would be different. That little tidbit of info is useless to each group who's meetings are getting counted up and divided by, so that level of 'abstraction' will not happen.

Personally Identifiable Information

Personally identifiable information is a very particular type of "data submitted via form", and is mostly applicable to your group's members.

  • Your user name
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number (if provided)
  • Your street address (if provided)
  • Your participation in an AA group

All personally identifiable information on this website will be (a) password-protected and (b) only available to other members of your group IF you (a) chose to that provide and (b) chose to make that information available to other members. The password is under the control of each individual person, and is not available to any other person ... even someone with a court order.

Personally identifiable information on this website will never be shared by HomeGroupHosting with any 3rd party for any reason at all under any circumstances (except a lawful court order of course).

Cookies / Tracking Policy

This site does not use cookies. Your group's web site will also not use cookies. We do not create cookies, therefore we do not perform any tracking via cookie. This site does not use any form of visitor analytics. Your group may decide to use google analytics (or something similar) at your discretion. Some people feel that is a violation of anonymity but I dunno. All I know is I've decided to not bother with any sort of analytics tool.

  • Servers make logs, and technically those logs are "tracking". There is no personally identifiable information in these logs.

The date and time of a member's last login is recorded. This is how a member can 'roll off' your membership list. We know that people move on in life, so if they don't login for over a year they are removed from your membership list.

Advertising Policy

There is and will be no advertising of any kind on either HomeGroupHosting or your group's website.

Your group's decision to use this service will not be used to promote this service.

The only advertising this site uses is "one alcoholic telling another" :)

Web Admin Contact Info

Web Admin username(s) and email(s) will be used by HomeGroupHosting in a manner similar to a 'group conscience'. This enables sharing of information about this software, and gives groups using it a voice in shaping any changes. The email marketing service provider tracks activities related to the email, and claims to not share data but they do it in fancy-sounding and confusing "legalese" so honestly I dunno if they do or don't share any info. Web Admins will have an opportunity to opt-out of this type of communication.

Web Admin(s) may also be contacted directly by me for purposes related directly to your group's account with HomeGroupHosting. There is no way to opt out of this. If for some reason I need to contact your group about your group's website then the Web Admin(s) is(are) who HomeGroupHosting will contact.

Rogue Admin Exception

Imagine if a web admin 'goes back out' and decides to tear down or deface the group's website. That'd be really bad right? IF something like that happens HomeGroupHosting needs a way to help set things right. HomeGroupHosting will look into backups to see who in the group held an elected position within that group, and reach out to them to help understand what corrective actions need to be taken.

I'm sorry, but I can't envision a better solution to a "rogue" web admin :(

Guarantee of Service

HomeGroupHosting can not guarantee service will be uninterrupted. HomeGroupHosting will make every possible effort to ensure your site stays online including but not limited to best known methods to code a secure website, backing up software and content on a regular basis, and elevating any issues with the actual data center as need be.

Let's face it: sometimes things go wrong. I'll do my best to make them right as soon as I can make them right, but I can't promise they'll be right 24 x 7 x 365.

Abuse of Service

This software is provided as a service to and for AA groups so those groups can carry their interpretation of the AA message to the alcoholic still suffering. Abuse of this service may include (but is not limited to)

  • Uploading material not relevant to your group.
  • Inviting people who are not members of your group to your group's members section.
  • Flagrant and blatant violations of traditions such as
    • Dissing or slamming other AA groups or AA as a whole
    • Posting personally identifiable information about AA members
    • Posting opinions on outside issues

Please don't do that. HomeGroupHosting has no interest in being the content police! IF an issue is brought to my attention then I will investigate and attempt to remedy the situation via discussion. If the issue is not corrected then I reserve the right to terminate service. Don't worry: it'll be a long time coming before your group is cut off from this service. I really don't want to go there ...

Updating These Terms / Conditions

Updating these terms and conditions and policies and stuff may be required from time to time. If there is cause to update this page, it will be done via group consensus with the web admins across all actively hosted groups.

Free Trial Period

Upon registration you get 90 days to try it out and get feedback from your group. If I don't hear from you during those 90 days I'll just delete it and we'll all move on. If you tell me your group is still deciding what to do, I'll extend your free trial period for another 60 days. If I delete your free trial period then you get in touch, bummer but you'll have to start over. Backups are for if problems are caused on my end, and generally not available just because.

The free trial version is exactly the same as the paid hosting version, except the paid version will use your domain name instead of "homegrouphosting.com/yourdomainname.com".

Paid Hosting Period

When you make a payment through paypal (to 1912WebWorks which is my business name) I will get busy setting up your site as 'paid'. Your year will not start for a couple of days because it takes a little bit of time to get nameservers updated and for me to do my thing. That way your year really is a year ... not a few days shy of a year.

THERE ARE NO REFUNDS!!! You can probably tell paypal you want your money back and you'll probably get it, but if you ask me I'll say no. The reason is simple: you had plenty of time to try it before you bought it, so after your group decides 'yes' it shouldn't be on me if for some reason your group changes it's mind.

The cost is what you decide to pay. A minimum of $1 per month, and no more than $5 per month, but payment must be made for your website hosting. We don't accept outside contributions right? I believe the service is worth $2 or $3 per month, and I'll trust your home group to pay what it thinks is fair and can afford.

At the end of your paid hosting period I'll get in touch with your web admins to remind them of the upcoming due date. You don't have to renew, but if you choose to not renew I will probably just delete all your files. No biggie as you'll already know by then how insanely easy it would be to put it back together :)

Principles and Traditions

The 12 traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous are first and foremost in mind when deciding how to proceed with creating and providing this software to you. AA gives very little guidance on groups having websites. You can read https://www.aa.org/assets/en_US/mg-18_internet.pdf for yourself, and if you find other publications please share them with me as I've found only that one. In creating this software I tried to stay within our traditions as well as the principles of our program. If you see something you think is outside our traditions or principles, please let me know :)

  1. I can't see how having a website would negatively impact your group's welfare.
  2. I ask that you work with your group to decide if this is right for you, and what your content will be if you decide to use it. If your feel "the heavy hand of the developer making decisions for you" then please bring that up with me via email so ALL the hosted groups can have a say on the issue.
  3. Your group does NOT need a website, your group members should NOT be expected to participate online. I've no control over how you use it, but there really is only one requirement right?
  4. Group Autonomy is expressed by your group's decision to have or not have a website, and is reflected internally in the inability to link to another AA group (although you can link to your intergroup or central office if desired).
  5. The entire purpose behind this product is to help AA groups carry the message to the still-suffering alcoholic. If they search, they should find YOU ... not your intergroup or one of those ad-infested parasitic bastards that just want eyeballs on treatment center ads.
  6. Please be mindful of what may appear to be an implied affiliation in your domain name!
  7. The 7th tradition is why there is a price tag on this. I've no doubt that you will not find comparable hosting at anywhere near the same cost, so this is kinda like churches giving us super-cheap rent eh?
  8. I consider myself a worker with a specialized skill. Though you technically are not hiring me, you are buying my product. You would not be hiring me for my 12th step work, which is what we avoid.
  9. If I showed you the source code you'd say "yup he ain't organized" :)
  10. Please don't use this product to sound off about outside issues! That would be one of those "abuse of services" things mentioned above.
  11. I tried to create a website that is attractive but not in a way that seems flashy or 'eye-candy' type of thing. Lots of good strong web methods are at work, but not in a way to make your site "stand out" or "be noticed". Our audience doesn't need whiz-bang right?
  12. Lord I hope I've put principles above what I personally might have preferred. If you catch me in something you think I've done outside of the principles of our program please call me out on it :)